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Franchise Tax Board

Franchise Tax Board

Our experienced tax attorneys at Eaker Peréz work with clients in California and Texas on franchise tax matters involving the California Franchise Tax Board and Texas Comptroller. We bring a wealth of experience to our clients involved in franchise tax disputes and controversies, helping them navigate complex franchise tax issues. 

California Franchise Tax Board Attorneys

The California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) is the organization responsible for administering and enforcing the individual and corporate income tax laws in the state of California. California enforces a franchise tax for businesses in, or who gain income from business done in, the state of California. With interstate commerce complicating many tax matters, California has been actively pursuing businesses that do business in California but may not actually have nexus within our state. 

Our experienced California tax attorneys work with clients to deal with tax matters related to California franchise tax. Contact us to discuss your options to preserve your prosperity in complex tax matters with the State of California. Our San Diego franchise tax board attorney will help navigate you through your tax questions.

Texas Franchise Tax Board Attorneys

Our attorneys work with clients in Texas who are facing franchise tax matters, including Texas franchise tax audits and controversies. Bringing a wealth of experience to our clients, we help to protect their prosperity during Texas franchise tax disputes by using different franchise tax techniques to mitigate tax liabilities. Unlike other states, Texas franchise tax is based not on income but on net worth of a company, allowing for extensive disputes on how worth is calculated.

Eaker Peréz Law works with clients throughout the Texas franchise tax audit and dispute process, whether that company has nexus or not within the state. Contact us today to learn about your options in a Texas franchise tax controversy.

Complex Franchise Tax Matters Call for a Wealth of Experience

Franchise Tax Audits

Similar to an IRS audit, a franchise tax audit often focuses on income tax and corporate income tax. Failure to comply with state law on income taxes, failure to pay, failure to file, or evading payment may result in an audit from the franchise tax board. 

S corporations, C corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), limited partnerships (LPs), limited liability partnerships (LLPs), and other types of business entities may all be audited. Depending on the circumstances and severity of the situation, the result in the audit could be detrimental to your personal life and may even result in criminal charges. However, you may have the option to dispute or appeal the claims.

Our experienced attorneys have worked with clients to deal with franchise tax audits in California and Texas, including managing day to day audit logistics, document preparation, and litigating franchise tax charges.  

Franchise Tax Decision Appeal

In some cases, you may have the opportunity to appeal a franchise tax decision. This process is known as the “protest by date”, where the taxpayer has 60 days to try and appeal the franchise tax decision. Additionally, there are guidelines that the taxpayer must follow, including the correct information to be submitted to the franchise tax board. 

Our franchise tax attorneys at Eaker Peréz have helped clients through the appeal process to mitigate franchise tax liabilities. Contact us today to talk about your options after an unfavorable franchise tax audit.


At Eaker Pérez Law, we are ready to help you and your business with the California and Texas Franchise Tax Boards. Put our franchise tax board experience to work for you. 

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