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Federal Tax Litigation

Federal Tax Litigation

Our federal tax litigation attorneys at Eaker Peréz Law bring a wealth of experience and aggressive representation combined with a caring and compassionate approach to working with our clients in federal tax controversies.

We work with clients who are faced with tax controversies with the IRS to help guide them through the process of fighting against the IRS to mitigate tax liabilities and penalties. Going the process alone can not only be intimidating and nerve wracking but may cost the financial freedom and prosperity of you and your family.

IRS agents and prosecutors are aggressive when they pursue a case against those they believe have not paid the correct amount of taxes. You don’t have to deal with the IRS alone. 

At Eaker Pérez Law, we help our clients and their businesses with equally aggressive tax litigation services. An experienced tax litigation attorney can help you fight against the IRS to overcome tax charges and penalties you may be facing. Don’t let the IRS intimidate you, call our tax litigation lawyers today.

Tax Litigation Attorneys Taking On the IRS

What is Federal Tax Litigation?

Federal tax litigation is the process of resolving tax controversies with the Internal Revenue Service, focused on income and business taxes filed with the IRS. Tax litigation can involve both civil and criminal tax matters. Unlike other methods of tax relief, federal tax litigation takes your case to court.

Typically, federal tax litigation is a last option for those who have received a deficiency notice or 90-day notice that the IRS expects payment for unpaid or underpaid taxes within 90 days. Other federal tax litigation claims may be related to refunds or complex and unusual interpretations of tax regulations that require litigation to mitigate tax liabilities.

Our tax litigation attorneys bring a combination of experience in both criminal and civil tax matters at the federal and state levels to give our clients a comprehensive defense against tax litigation. We have extensive experience litigating federal tax claims for our clients.

Tax litigation often begins with an audit where the IRS alleges you have committed civil tax fraud or criminal tax crimes. Some tax matters can be resolved administratively but some tax cases cannot be resolved through dealing directly with the IRS. Instead, taking the tax controversy to court to gain the best outcome for clients may be the best path forward in certain cases.

Our experienced tax litigation attorneys have extensive experience in aggressive representation in tax controversies in court for our clients after other methods of resolution have failed to produce the best outcomes for our clients.

We act as advocates for our clients to seek the best outcomes for our clients in their unique situations.

How Our Tax Litigation Attorneys Help

Our federal tax litigation lawyers work with clients throughout the federal tax litigation process, whether it begins during a pre-audit stage or after an audit has been conducted. We work closely with our clients to help them make decisions from a position of strength from our years of experience dealing with the IRS in complex tax matters.

Our federal tax litigation services include:

  • Dealing with IRS officials and agents on your behalf
  • Addressing information requests, summonses, and other requests from the IRS
  • Negotiating agreements, settlements, and non-litigation options
  • Requesting technical documentation from the IRS and researching existing case law to support your claim
  • Dealing with the IRS Appeals Office and appeals process for protests and settlements
  • Determining the best strategy and methods for ideal outcomes
  • Litigating your case against the IRS and appeals

Going through the process with an experienced federal litigation attorney by your side not only helps shield you from dealing directly with the IRS but helps to protect your rights and seek the best outcomes after the IRS has come calling.

Call Eaker Peréz today to speak with our federal tax litigation attorneys.

The Role of Tax Litigation Attorneys

No matter what court that your tax controversy is dealt in, we may be able to help guide you through the process. It will typically begin with an audit from the IRS and may proceed further, resulting in a collection of taxes and at the federal level, conversing with the IRS or writing appeals. Additionally, taxpayers may have the option to appeal the federal tax controversy. In criminal tax controversies, we may be able to assist you in dealing with criminal investigations by the IRS, the Justice Department, or other courts in a criminal controversy. 

Every tax controversy is unique and different, which is why an attorney may be able to help you navigate your way through it. 

Acting quickly on your tax controversy may have an impact on the outcome. Don’t wait too long. An attorney can help you deal with IRS audits, agents, tax laws, appeals and more. Consulting with an attorney may help you organize and understand your situation better.

Put our experience in tax litigation to work for you. Contact Eaker Pérez Law, to see how we can help you and your family prosper through adversity. 

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