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IRS Audit Defense

IRS Audit Defense

Eaker Peréz Law’s experienced tax defense attorneys help clients undergoing an audit by the IRS and defending their previous tax returns throughout the process by representing our clients.

When you are notified by the IRS that you are being audited, you may not know what to do next or you may feel overwhelmed. How you prepare for and deal with an IRS audit may have a great impact on the outcome of your situation. An experienced attorney may be able to help with the numerous documentation requests, meetings, and dealings with the IRS that may occur during an audit.

At Eaker Peréz Law, we have worked to help thousands of clients through the audit and tax defense process, including mail audits, in-office audits and field audits.

How Tax Defense Helps During an IRS Audit

At Eaker Perez Law, we focus on dealing directly with the IRS throughout the audit process, shepherding the documentation process, and providing advice on how to best address requests made by and interactions with the IRS throughout the audit. Also known as, tax audit representation, working with an experienced attorney may help to shield you, your family, and your business from the IRS as much as possible.

We work with clients on the following types of IRS audit defense:

  • Mail audits
  • Office audits
  • Field audits

IRS audits are often fraught with unknown pitfalls to those who have not gone through the audit process and are very familiar with the tax code and regulations related to audits. Working with Eaker Peréz brings experience of thousands of previous audits to your individual audit, giving you the insight into audit pitfalls and helping to make the process easier.

We work with clients throughout the audit process to help with the following:

  • Logistics and day-to-day dealings with IRS agents
  • Assistance with sensitive issues and experienced audit guidance throughout the process through a privileged attorney-client relationship
  • Deal with examination of records, documentation requests and other information requests from the IRS
  • Drafting letters and advocacy documentation to the IRS
  • Witness preparation for IRS interviews
  • Dealing with IRS summonses

If you have been notified that you will be audited, contact Eaker Peréz today to speak with our tax defense attorneys.

Your Prosperity Matters – Call our Experienced Audit Defense Attorneys

Tax Audit Defense & Documentation

The IRS often requests a staggering amount of information and documentation during an audit on a 30-day timeline. For many individuals and businesses, preparing this documentation in the way that will expedite the audit and reduce tax liabilities is not something they’ve experienced before, even if they’re a seasoned tax preparer or accountant.

At Eaker Peréz, we highly value attorney-client privilege and work with clients to help them prepare appropriate documentation for an IRS audit.

In order to help protect yourself and your rights during a tax audit from the IRS, it is important to produce documentation that may help your case. We work with clients to help fulfill requests from the IRS that may include documentation such as:

  • Receipts
  • Bills
  • Legal Papers
  • Loan agreements
  • Medical records
  • Theft or loss documents
  • Canceled checks
  • Employee documents

Having an attorney to help you with IRS audit documentation may have an impact on the outcome. Our experienced tax defense attorneys at Eaker Peréz have successfully helped thousands of clients through the audit process and bring a wealth of knowledge to the process.

Contact our firm today to explore your options during and IRS audit.

What should I do if I’m being audited? 

If you are being audited by the IRS you should act quickly and contact an experienced attorney immediately. IRS audits are typically on as little as a 30-day timeline, giving you very little time to take appropriate action. Don’t let IRS audits overwhelm or scare you.

Our tax defense attorneys at Eaker Peréz help clients become knowledgeable about their situations and walk them through the steps of what is needed.

When dealing with the IRS, you may be facing back payments, penalties, or even criminal charges.

As part of our work with clients, we assess each client’s unique situation to determine the best steps to take when it comes to civil liabilities and criminal charges.  

Eaker Pérez Law has significant experience with IRS audits, including responding to summonses, resolving audits, representation during enforcement proceedings, negotiating settlements, filing appeals, and litigating tax positions in Federal Court.

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