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At Eaker Pérez Law, we work to protect the rights of our clients’ businesses during a sales tax and use audits and tax matters. We advocate for our clients’ businesses through the State Board of Equalization audit appeals procedures and the appeal of State Board of Equalization audits.

If you are a business that is being audited for sales tax and tax use, you have the right to an experienced sales and use tax attorney to defend your prosperity. If the California State Board of Equalization believes you have failed to pay on your sales tax and use tax, they will issue an audit. You have the right to an experienced attorney throughout the process.

Our experienced attorneys at Eaker Peréz Law work with clients to advise them through the sales & use tax audit process, interact directly with state agencies, and negotiate on behalf of clients. If you have received a notice from the California Board of Equalization, contact us today.

California has one of the most complex sales & use tax codes in the country, making the bar for success with the Board of Equalization high. Our attorneys have experience in the California sales and use tax audit and appeal process and extensive technical knowledge of California sales and use tax laws.

California Sales & Use Tax Attorneys Protecting Businesses & Individuals

How Our Sales & Use Tax Attorneys Help Clients

During the Sales & Use Tax Audit

The State Board of Equalization has the authority to arbitrarily audit any business transacting business in the state of California. Even if there is not an error that you are aware of, you may still get audited.

Our experienced sales & use tax attorneys at Eaker Peréz work with clients to help them deal with the audit process, compile appropriate documentation, and deal with the day-to-day management of a sales & use tax audit by the State of California.

We help clients prepare documentation to meet requests from the State Board of Equalization during an audit, including: 

  • Income tax returns
  • General ledgers
  • Sales ledgers
  • Balance sheets
  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Purchase and sale journals
  • Contracts
  • Bank statements
  • Depreciation schedules
  • Documents related to claimed exempt transactions.

Dealing with Sales & Use Tax Agents

After the sales tax audit is completed, the auditor will often schedule an exit conference. The purpose of the exit conference is to explain proposed additional sales taxes. If a settlement on additional sales taxes cannot be reached at that time, the State Board of Equalization will issue a Notice of Determination. The Notice of Determination allows a business owner 30 days to file a petition to appeal or challenge the State Board of Equalization audit results along with any penalties through the sales and use tax audit. If the business does not file a petition, the audit results become final and the proposed additional sales and use tax is assessed. 

Our sales & use tax attorneys have experience dealing with auditors in many cases involving complex sales & use tax matters and bring a wealth of experience to our clients. Our goal is to protect our clients’ prosperity during exit meetings and throughout the audit process.

Sales & Use Tax Appeals

Our attorneys help clients pursue sales and use tax appeals if that is the best way to protect our clients’ prosperity.

Once sales and use tax is assessed the business owner must pay the full amount of the additional tax liability and any applicable penalties and interest. If the business files a timely petition, the business has the opportunity at several different stages to discuss resolution of their audit dispute and have their appeal heard before the elected officials.

We work closely with clients to appeal sales & tax liabilities after the audit is complete if we believe the audit was incorrect or the application of the tax code was wrong.

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At Eaker Pérez Law, we are ready to help you and your business with your sales and use tax issue. Put our experience in sales and use tax issues and technical knowledge of the California Revenue and Tax Code to work for you. Contact Eaker Pérez Law, to see how we can help you and your business prosper.

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