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Payroll Tax Liabilities

Payroll Tax Liabilities

Eaker Peréz Law works with clients on payroll tax liability cases at both the federal and state levels when our clients have been accused of underpayment or non-payment of payroll taxes. Our payroll tax attorneys have helped clients to deal with payroll tax audits and payroll tax negotiations with the IRS and state agencies.

Payroll tax violations are some of the most common tax violations and often lead to serious consequences and damage to both the business and business owner if the IRS or state tax agency believes payroll tax was unpaid and used for other purposes. In some serious matters, payroll tax violators may be faced with further investigation by the IRS or state agencies as well as criminal charges.

Our payroll tax lawyers at Eaker Peréz are experienced attorneys who may be able to help you understand your payroll tax situation as well as avoid any serious penalties that may arise.

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What are Payroll Tax Penalties?

If you are a business that has employees, you are required by law to collect and pay payroll taxes on behalf of your employees and your business. If you fail to pay your payroll taxes on time, the IRS imposes high interest and penalties. If you choose to let the penalties and interest go unpaid, you may face serious charges.

Payroll tax problems can occur in a number of ways including failure to pay suppliers or an employees failure to pay payroll tax debts. Sometimes payroll taxes can go unpaid when an employee or accountant fails to remit payment—without the business owner even knowing the problem is occurring.

For every employee within a business, taxes are withheld from an employee’s paycheck that has to be turned in to the IRS on time. Typically, most payroll taxes are due the day after employee’s checks are distributed. If you do not pay the payroll taxes on time, then penalties and fees may start to add up. 

Why should I speak with a Payroll Tax Attorney?

Most businesses run into trouble with payroll taxes due to cashflow issues. If your business was behind on remitting payroll taxes because you couldn’t afford to make the payroll tax payments, you should speak with an experienced attorney about your situation immediately. Over time, the tax amount will continue accruing and the penalties can become even worse, to include criminal charges if you let payroll tax debts go unaddressed. 

Ignoring payroll taxes is one of the worst things you can do, even if you haven’t been audited.

On the other hand, some businesses don’t remit payroll taxes despite having the ability to do so. If you find that you or someone at your business has not remitted payroll taxes and pocketed the money, the consequences can be even more extreme. The IRS and state entities often like to make examples of those who they believe did not remit taxes by shutting the business down and more extreme consequences including felony charges, fines, and imprisonment.

At Eaker Peréz, we work in a private, privileged relationship with our clients to help them sort through payroll tax at all stages, from discovery of the payroll tax issue to negotiating with the IRS or state agencies.

Contact our experienced payroll tax attorneys today to protect yourself and your prosperity.

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An experienced attorney may be able to negotiate a better deal if you face serious penalties from payroll tax debts. Taking action before the IRS or state agency often works in the favor of the business owner and allows for repayment plan options and negotiations.

You have rights to help you obtain tax relief. This also includes the right to an attorney to help you sort through payroll tax audits from the IRS. Contact our experienced tax attorneys today.

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