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Innocent Spouse

At Eaker Peréz Law, we work with innocent spouses to help them resolve tax matters that they didn’t know were happening and often had no knowledge of the tax crimes or issues happening. If your spouse or former spouse has outstanding debts to the IRS, innocent spouse relief may be a tax strategy you can use to absolve yourself of tax debt owed due to a joint tax return.

Finding out that a loved one has failed to report income or improperly reported on their taxes can be devastating. Tax crimes can hurt families both financially and emotionally.

If you feel lost, alone, and scared about the discovery of a spouse’s tax crime or outstanding tax debt, contact Eaker Peréz Law today to talk about your options. Our relationships with our clients are private and confidential.  

Our experienced attorneys at Eaker Peréz Law have worked with innocent spouse cases and may be able to help you understand your options. Don’t let a loved ones decisions have a lasting impact on your life. 

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What is innocent spouse relief? 

If you are married and have filed joint tax returns, this means that you and your spouse are legally held responsible and liable for the tax, interest, or penalties that may be included in the joint return. Regardless of a divorce, joint liability must be carried out throughout the length of the liability. Additionally, if only one spouse earns all the income but a joint tax return is in place, both are legally responsible. 

In most innocent spouse matters, the spouse had no idea that the taxes weren’t being paid correctly and it only comes to light later, even sometimes years after a divorce is finalized.

A spouse may be able to file an innocent spouse relief form if they qualify for this kind of tax relief. Filing innocent spouse documentation may provide you relief from additional tax you owe if your spouse or former spouse failed to report income, reported income improperly or claimed improper deductions or credits. You may need assistance from an attorney to make sure you qualify and get the correct information to the IRS.

At Eaker Peréz, we work with our clients to provide the following information for innocent spouse relief:

  • Proof that you filed a joint tax return with the spouse’s omitted items from the tax return. This includes income, deductions, credit and property that is incorrectly presented on the report or is missing. 
  • Proof that when you filed for a joint tax return, you had no knowledge of incorrect filings happening. 
  • Proof that it is wrong, and/or unfair to hold you responsible for the crime. 

If you believe that your spouse or former spouse should not be able to include you in the tax debts or even criminal charges for tax fraud they have created, contact our experienced attorneys today.

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